Methodologies to fulfill RDE requirements – Future emission targets – Latest emission reduction technologies

With manipulated measurements of exhaust emissions of diesel passenger cars, NOx reduction becomes even more crucial for the automotive industry. Also to keep up with the even more strict emission legislation of the USA regarding NOx reduction the OEMs of diesel passenger cars and heavy duty vehicles are looking for the perfect solution to comply with the ambitious emission targets. Real driving emissions (RDE) should help but there are still a lot of questions open. You will

  • Find out about European emission targets 2020 and beyond and find out about their impact on current and future technology of emission reduction
  • Gain insight into NOx reduction technologies of heavy duty vehicles in the USA and learn how to fulfill future demands of this strict emission legislation
  • Discuss latest strategies of in engine optimization in diesel vehicles to meet future demands of emission reduction
  • Discover advanced turbocharging concepts to maximise engine`s performance while reducing emissions
  • Evaluate sophisticated concepts of aftertreatment systems for diesel engines to minimize NOx
  • Understand smart system integration of exhaust aftertreatment to optimize engine efficiency
  • Find out innovative methodic approaches of OEMs to reflect and fulfill the challenges of RDE of diesel engine technology
  • Discover latest experiences of emission reduction to comply with RDE requirements in diesel passenger cars

The conference is held in English and is co-located with the international conference "Emission Control Concepts for Gasoline Engines".

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